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Hydrogen compressor is a compressor that compresses hydrogen gas. It is used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals and automobiles.

Hydrogen is an important renewable energy source and is being widely used for various purposes.

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Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor

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Electrochemical Hydrogen compressors  are one of the most promising hydrogen compression technologies. They can compress hydrogen at high pressure, purify it, and produce energy with significant exergy efficiency compared to other non-mechanical compressors.

EHCs work by using voltage to create a local pressure difference between the anode and cathode sides of an electrochemical film. Protons and electrons travel from the anode side through a proton exchange membrane to the cathode side, where they recombine to form new hydrogen molecules.

Industrial Hydrogen Compressor

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Industrial hydrogen compressors compress hydrogen into a pure gas. These gases are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as fuel cell vehicles, electrolytic cells and reformers, and hydrogenation stations.

This process requires professional knowledge and experience to ensure the safety of your operation and your team. Proper installation and maintenance of hydrogen compressors will minimize the risk of fire or explosion, as well as damage to hydrogen systems and equipment.

Hydrogen Compressor Types

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Reciprocating Hydrogen Compressor

Reciprocating compressors use a motor with a linear drive to move a piston or a diaphragm back and forth. This motion compresses the hydrogen by reducing the volume it occupies. Reciprocating compressors, sometimes called recips for short, are the most commonly used compressor for applications that require a very high compression ratio.Ut efficitur condimentum mauris. Mauris in consequat mauris. Quisque non maximus ipsum a facilisis.


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Metal Hydride Hydrogen Compressor

Metal hydride hydrogen compressor, which uses metal to form hydrides through exothermic reaction, releasing hydrogen at high pressure.

They are able to achieve a higher compression ratio than other types of hydrogen compressors because of their superior ability to absorb and desorption hydrogen.



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Centrifugal Hydrogen Compressor

Centrifugal compressors are the compressor of choice for pipeline applications due to their high throughput and moderate compression ratio. Centrifugal compressors rotate a turbine at very high speeds to compress the gas. Hydrogen centrifugal compressors must operate at tip speeds 3 times faster than that of natural gas compressors to achieve the same compression ratio because of the low molecular weight of hydrogen.



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High Pressure Hydrogen Compressor

Currently, the only way to store hydrogen at the high pressures required by fuel cell vehicles is by using a compressor, which adds to the infrastructure cost and energy requirements of refueling stations. By eliminating the need for a compressor, fueling stations can save on both capital and maintenance costs while making it easier to charge drivers’ fuel cell cars.

Hydrogen Compressor Gallery

Hydrogen Compressor Systems

Hydrogen compressor systems compress hydrogen and increase its pressure. They are commonly used in applications such as hydrogen fuel cells, where a high pressure is required for the reaction.

Compressors are typically driven by electric motors or pneumatic cylinders and require special safety controls to operate correctly. They should also be equipped with a relief device to prevent system overpressure when the pressure control fails.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Running Smoothly
  • Little Vibration
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Hydrogen Compressor For Sale


Hydrogen compressor applications are many. They include utilizing solar energy to electrolyze water to produce H2, which, like the windmill application, is then compressed and stored for later use, either in a stationary fuel cell to produce electricity when there is no sunlight, or fuel a hydrogen vehicle.

Compressors are used at hydrogen fuel cell stations, including those for vehicles, buses, fork-lifts, scooters, and residential re-fuelers for fuel cell (FC) cars; for filling and off-loading H2 from tube trailers, gas cylinders, and storage tanks; for the compression of syngas from renewable sources; and for wind and solar power.

H2 compressors are used in such disparate applications as gas blending, recycling, and mixing, metal processing, hydrogenation of edible oils, specialty gas purification, float glass production, and power plant turbine cooling. Gases for semiconductor, electronics and fiber optics manufacturing need compressors.

They are also used for feedstock for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, pressure boosting and storage of gases from on-site generation systems, and for power back-up using hydrogen FC for telecommunication towers, as well as research and development.


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