Oil Refinery Plant Applicable Hydrogen Gas Compressor


Product features:
1. The compressor is oil-free lubricating, which has the characters of compact structure, stable performance, low variation and noise, high reliability and high automation.
2. The product is consists of the compressor, motor, the chassis, gas path system, cooling system, lube system, gauge controlling system etc. all components are settled on one public underground. It is a stationary gas supply station. The associated line and some fix point are all detachable. Thus, this compressor is convenient for transporting, installing, operating and maintaining.
3. Special gas compressor, which is a booster compressor for natural gas, liquefied gas, oil associated gas, hydrogen, argon, Ethylene, propylene, propane, methyl chloride, ethyl chloride, epoxy ethane, partial fluorine oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, diethyl ether and carbon dioxide etc. it is widely used in the following fields: oil, chemistry, industry, Metallurgy, industry gas, food.

Technical Parameters:

Model No. DW-21/(13-16)-31
Displacement 12000~20000Nm3/h
Inlet pressure 1.3~1.6MPa
Discharge pressure 3.1MPa
Motor power 630W