Powerful Hydrogen Diaphragm Compressor


Hydrogen compressor applications are many. They include utilizing solar energy to electrolyze water to produce H2, which, like the windmill application, is then compressed and stored for later use, either in a stationary fuel cell to produce electricity when there is no sunlight, or fuel a hydrogen vehicle.

The diaphragm compressor is a special structure of the volume-type compressor with high compression ratio, good leaktightness, compressed gas without lubricating oil and other solid impurities contaminated features, So it’suitable for high purity compression, rare, valuable, inflammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, corrosive, and high pressure gas.


Model GV-8/5-210
capacity(Nm3/h) 8
Inlet Pressure(bar) 5
outlet pressure(bar) 210
power(kw) 5.5
Cooling water(m3/h) 0.4
Dimension LXWXH(mm) 1600X880X1160
Weight(kg) 1020